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Malaysian Micro-Links & Micro-Links Hair Extensions  Hands -ons Training Now $595 

Training tuition for two techniques Malaysian Micro-Links and Micro-Links Hair Extensions is $595 but you can Save $20 when you make one full payment of $575 or

Training tuition for only one techique of your choice: Malaysian Micro-Links or Micro-links hair extensions (strand by strand) and pay only $375 kit included.

Learn the basics and the proper way of how to apply Malaysian Micro-Links Hair Extensions. & Micro-Links Extensions (strand by strand). These two techniques requires no glue, no heat, no sew-ins, no braiding and it will not damage your client's hair. This training is a 5 hours hands-ons. with one hour lunch and  tool kit  included,

Kit includes:

1- pack of 100% human hair weave for practice

1-pack 50 strands I-tips extensions   

1- pulling neddle

1- hair extensions plyers

1-looping neddle

1- pack of 100- micro=links rings

1- Manaquin head/w stand

1- rat-tail comb

1-regular pair of scissors

6- hair clippies

1- razor comb

Five hours training includes: Two different techniques on how to do a Malaysian micro-links extensions and strand by strand Micro-Links applications technique, how to do a proper consultation, how to price hair extensions services, how to match your client's hair color, what to do during t-ups  and maintenance,  how to know and test real 100% human hair from synthetic hair, the do's and don't of how to cut, style and shampoo hair extensions on your clients, at home care instructions for your clients.  You will recieve a Certificate of completion by Mayte Master Cosmetologist and Certified Hair Extensions  Specialist from Mayte's Hair Salon & Extensions.


This will be a private training class at the studio location

For one individual trainee or a maximum group of five trainees

Must be a  licensed cosmetologist

Must be a beginner on hair extensions

A 40% registration deposit is required $238

Remaining class tuition balnace of $357 must be paid within 2 months prior training class 

Must be available for training on a Sunday or Monday from 10a,.m to 4p,m.

Malaysian Micro-Links Hair Extensions (weave technique)

Micro-Links Hair Extensions (strand by strand technique)